We are grateful for your willingness to help and proactive attitude throughout everything.

Ana & JuanOuders van Mila
Onze ervaring

Ana & Juan, ouders van Mila

Hi Laura, 

As you know, we only had the one meeting which served as a get to know each other. It’s safe to say that we felt quite comfortable with you from the start, you seemed a person that’d be easy to work with and trust in this very special occasion. 

Due to Ana going into labour ahead of schedule meant that we didn’t really have a chance to meet a second time and to get to know each other a bit more. By the time labour started, Ana had been at the hospital twice before and stayed there a few nights, so we both felt we’d have enough warning, had become familiar with the hospital staff and comfortable, or as comfortable as one can be, with the idea of Mila coming earlier. So, we both decided we were ready to do it together. It was, indeed, an incredibly special experience for both. But I digress.

What I wanted to get to is how you continued providing support in the distance. Corona rules and not having had a chance to properly build that trust with you, meant there was no other alternative really. We felt that, despite everything, you proactively continuously tried to support in any possible way, whether it was by checking in with us, offering to come and provide support however possible, or looking up positive data on early deliveries, while at the same time, clearly saying that if we preferred to be left alone, you’d respect that. This, in combination with the very supportive hospital staff and having done extensive preparation ourselves, meant that we felt ready to get across the line, the first of many. 

We are grateful for your willingness to help and proactive attitude throughout everything, even when we’ve been very bad at getting back to you (sorry). As you know, having a child it’s an indescribable experience, a truly life-changing experience. For us, your name will be part of Mila’s story. 

Best wishes, 

Ana (Serbia) and Juan (Spain), parents of Mila