Relaxation massage

I'm looking forward to welcoming you for a relaxation massage at our tranquil salon in Delft or at my home in Voorburg. Treat yourself to a relaxing moment.

Een ontspannende massage

Relax completely

This massage is for parents who want to treat themself to a relaxing moment. Your life as a parent has been busy and perhaps you already started work again too. Life is busy! Treat yourself to a moment of peace and quiet. Let me take care of you while your life is focused on taking care of your family. A moment without interruptions to give your tired body a break. Muscles in your arms and wrists might hurt from feeding and carrying your baby. A massage will help to relieve those aches. You might feel pain in your back, neck and shoulders from taking on weird positions to comfort your baby. You might have a headache and feel sleep deprived. You will feel better after a relaxing massage. You deserve a moment to relax. Your family will be happy when you return home feeling rested and at peace.


Voorburg and Delft

Relaxation massage is possible at my home in Voorburg as well as the Birth in Holland salon in Delft. Our brandnew salon in Delft offers a luxurious massage table with holes for your pregnant belly and breasts. The table is extra soft and heated for a relaxing treatment.

The massage table in Voorburg is also warm and soft. But this table does not have holes for your pregnant belly and breasts.

Go to for more information about the location and payment options. To plan your appointment contact me directly.

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Relaxation massage

€ 75,-

/ 60 min.

€ 215,-

/ 3x 60 min.

€ 325,-

/ 5x 60 min.
Pregnancy massage

€ 100,-

/ 90 min.

€ 285,-

/ 3x 90 min.

€ 450,-

/ 5x 90 min.

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