Headache treatment

I'm happy to welcome you for a headache treatment at our tranquil salon in Delft or at my home in Voorburg. Ear candling brings a new sensation to this massage treatment.


Feel the relief

This special treatment aims to bring relief to your headache symptoms. Headache can be caused by lack of sleep, taking on wrong postures, stress and tense muscles. A lot of women suffer from headaches during pregnancy and postpartum. The treatment focuses on massaging your head, neck, shoulders and face while you are lying down in a comfortable position. The massagetable is extra soft and has the possibility to recline. During pregnancy it can be uncomfortable to lie flat on your back and can cause complications.


Experience a moment of peace

Ear candles provide relief from headaches and cold symptoms because it reduces the pressure in your head. In addition, they have a soothing effect on the ear area. The warmth released during the burning of the hollow ear candle stimulates acupuncture points. While the candle is burning you will hear a soft crackling sound which gives a soothing effect.


Voorburg and Delft

Headache treatments are available at my house in Voorburg and at Birth in Holland in Delft. There is a luxurious massage table with holes for your pregnant belly and breasts at our masssage salon in Delft. The table is extra soft and heated for a relaxing treatment.

The massage table in Voorburg is also warm and soft. But this table does not have holes for your pregnant belly and breasts.

Go to www.birthinholland.com for more information about the location and payment options. To plan your appointment contact me directly.

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Headache treatment

€ 75,-

/ 60 min.

€ 215,-

/ 3x 60 min.

€ 325,-

/ 5x 60 min.
Pregnancy massage

€ 100,-

/ 90 min.

€ 285,-

/ 3x 90 min.

€ 450,-

/ 5x 90 min.

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