Treat yourself to a moment of peace and relaxation. Connect with yourself and your baby. During your pregnancy or after giving birth.

During pregnancy

Relaxation for your changing body

There are so many changes happening in your body during pregnancy. It’s a very special time in your life. You might feel like you are on cloud 9 or maybe you primarily feel sick. Make the best of it and treat yourself to a massage to feel more relaxed and at peace.

Can you imagine how amazing it will feel to lie completely face down again? Our tranquil salon is designed to give you an overall relaxing experience.


A massage is a moment of relaxation. Close your eyes and drift off. For a moment you don’t need to do or think about anything. Let me take care of you.


Massage can relieve symptoms such as constipation, heartburn, insomnia and headache.


A moment to relax now your life has changed completely.

Your life changes after every birth. Whether this is your first child or one more. Or maybe you are giving birth without being able to spend your life with your baby. No matter how you became a parent; your life is not the same anymore. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and take your time to process all the changes that are happening. You are taking care of your baby by taking care of yourself. I take the time to take care of you.

In your own home

It’s easier to stay at home during the first weeks after giving birth. I will come to your house to treat you to a relaxing massage with your baby nearby.

Or in our salon

Life as a parent is very hectic. Allow yourself some time to leave the house and focus on yourself. In silence. A moment to relax without being interrupted.

Want to find out which massage suits your needs?

Pregnancy massage

Let the weight of your belly be carried by our luxurious massage table.

Relaxation massage

Close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

Postpartum massage

Recover after giving birth.

Headache treatment

Let ear candling relieve your symptoms.