Postpartum Doula

What kind of help could you use during the first months with your baby? I'm here for you.

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Postpartum doula

As a postpartum doula my main focus is the newborn mother. The woman who became a mother when her baby was born. It will be good to have the support of a loving doula in this ever-changing, vulnerable, insecure and exhausting time in your life. A doula who doesn’t judge and focuses on your needs. It doesn’t have to be extremely intens or problematic to ask for support. It’s just a fact that the first 40 days after giving birth are intens and you are allowed to ask for help. With my support I aim to help the recovery process, in bonding with each other as a family and to enjoy this special time in your lives.

What I can offer you as a postpartum doula depends on your needs as a newborn family. Practical help such as preparing nutritious meals and household chores. Taking care of your baby so you can take a relaxing shower. Someone who listens to how you are truly feeling. With my background in psychology I always pay attention to your mental health. Perhaps your muscles hurt from taking on uncomfortable positions while feeding, carrying and sleeping. Massage relieves the discomfort and brings relaxation. I specialized in postpartum massage on the comfort of your own bed. I can also offer support in breastfeeding, but when there are complications it’s always better to ask a lactation consultant for help. Would you like to learn babymassage? This is possible when your baby is about 4 – 6 weeks old.

A postpartum doula does not replace the maternity care nurse (kraamzorg). She is medically trained and is the eyes and ears of the midwife. A doula is for emotional, practical and physical support but is not medically trained. You can ask a postpartum doula for support from the beginning or after a couple of weeks/ months.

Would you like postpartum treatments such as bellybinding and yonisteam? I have an amazing network of birth workers who can offer you those treatments.


Postpartum doula support is always focused on your unique needs in that specific moment.



Per hour
  • Bonding as a family
  • Practical help
  • Nutritious meals
  • Someone who listens to you
  • Massage

Discount€ 50,- discount!


Per 10 hours
  • Tip: arrange postpartum care during your pregnancy so you don’t need to worry about that after giving birth.
  • Save €50 by booking 10 hours of postpartum care.

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