Birth Doula

What kind of support do you need during your pregnancy and giving birth? I'm here for you.

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Birth doula

As a birth doula I support you in a very special time in your lives. A time you will always remember so it’s important to make good memories. An experience which can make you feel powerful and proud for the rest of your life. It doesn’t have to be your dream birth scenario in order to make you feel good. You can’t influence everything during the birth process.

I will help you to become aware of your biggest wish, fear and strenght so you can make informed decisions during the birth process. Having a doula to support you during birth is a very personal experience. Therefore I’m happy to plan an appointment to get to know each other (for free). My goal is that you feel at ease and go into the labour process feeling confident. My role as a doula is to be a calm and loving presence to everyone. I support you in the choices that you make. Do you want to know more about me?

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I offer emotional, practical and physical support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You can look at me as your external hard drive when it comes to knowledge about the physiology of birth, positions to help ease the labour process, how to influence birth hormones and ways for (natural) pain relief. To help dealing with contractions I can apply counterpressure and massage, use warmth or cooling and I´ll be that extra person that you need when your partner is not available.

I’m here for you. Sometimes that´s all you need. A familiar face that has full focus on your needs. Someone who connects with you emotionally when it all seems impossible to deal with.

With your permission I take pictures and videos of the birth process and edit it into a birth story accompanied by beautiful music. A precious memory of the moment you became parents.


Doula support is always customized to your needs. Would you like to get an offer based on your needs? Only support during the birth process? Or just during your pregnancy? Contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Essential supportMet zorg samengesteld


Per Month
  • Vrijblijvend kennismakingsgesprek
  • Twee prenatale gesprekken
  • Vanaf week 38 dag en nacht bereikbaar
  • Continue steun tijdens de bevalling
  • Twee postnatale gesprekken
  • Gebruik van de TENS als pijnbestrijding
  • Een herinnering aan de bevalling

Extra experiencesOptioneel uitbreidbaar

$ 99

Per Month
  • Zwangerschapsmassage 60 min: € 75,-
  • Zwangerschapsmassage 90 min: € 100,-
  • Kraambedmassage: € 150,-
  • Privé zwangerschapscursus: € 200,-
  • Privé cursus postpartum: € 200,-
  • Privé cursus baby massage: € 150,-

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