What do you need to feel confident in your own strength? What do you need to look back at your birth process feeling proud?


Personal support

A doula is part of your birth team. Her role is to provide emotional, physical and practical support to you and your partner during the entire birth process. During the prenatal meetings your doula has gotten to know your wishes, strength and fear. She knows how you like to be approached during the birth process and which events make you feel more relaxed. Your doula is the only one on your birth team who has full focus on you and your partners needs. She has her full attention on you and stays with you until your baby is born. She has built a personal connection with you during pregnancy and knows how to support you.


What kind of support do you need? Information about the physiology of giving birth? Teach your partner hands-on support to be used during the labour process such as counterpressure and massage? Help to write your birth plan?

After giving birth

A whole new world. Your doula focuses on your needs. She listens to you without judgement. She helps you to get all practical things done on your to-do list. She massages you to help you recover more quickly.

Want to know how I can support you as a doula?

Birth Doula

A loving and calming presence.

Postpartum Doula

Care for the newborn parents.