Baby massage course

Relax and bond with your baby. Relieve your baby from colic, sleep issues and other discomforts.

Baby massage course

Relax and connect

As a certified Shantala baby massage instructor I will teach you how to give your baby a relaxing massage including a couple of yoga stretches. You can start with a baby massage course when your baby is around 4 weeks. Baby massage is quite simple, but complex because of it´s simplicity. I will teach you the right techniques, contraindications, body language and how to create a relaxing setting.

It´s scientifically proven that skin to skin contact between parent and child is crucial for their development. Baby massage improves the attachment process between parent and baby. It gives a feeling of security and that is a very welcome feeling for your baby, whos world has completely changed since being born. Baby massage can help to bring relief from colic, teething, obstipation, sleep issues, growing pain, cold symptoms and overstretching.

Your baby can become overstimulated quickly, therefore the course is divided over 3 days. The complete Shantala baby massage routine takes about 30 minutes and ends with taking a bath.

Duration: 3 sessions of 50 minutes
Price: € 150,-


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